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Next Keto Course begins Tuesday May 4, 7:30 pm Eastern.

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Tuesday, Thursday, 6:30 pm

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Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 am

Ten Classes: $120, One Class: $20

Recent Keto Coaching Testimonial:

“Hello, my name is Mary. I have been battling weight issues for the last 10-15 years. I have tried several different diets including Jenny Craig, LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers and more. I always lost weight but always managed to gain it back, and then some!

I was so excited to find Judy Farmer and her Weight Loss for Good Program along with her Pilates Classes! I discovered to my surprise she was also a Keto Coach! I had been hearing so many good things about KETO!

Judy’s classes are very educational! I learned so much about how the Keto diet works and supports the body to burn fat instead of carbs/sugar. There is so much more she teaches you: how the Keto diet works in your body, how to start, how to monitor yourself as you transition into Ketosis, and most importantly, to learn to be aware of my own tendencies around food. Judy helps us how to change how we think about food; addiction biochemistry, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer hacks, and most importantly, how to get fat adapted and heal sugar issues.

I can happily say that I have lost 11 pounds (so far) in my first month. I would like to lose another 15 pounds and I am confident that I can do it! It is easy to follow with Judy’s ongoing free support! Sooo much easier than a traditional weight loss program!

Thank you Judy!!!”

Marylee joined my Weight Loss for Good, Keto Success class in October 2019. The first pic was after losing 60 lbs. At 4’11” that’s a large part of her body mass! And oh yes, her hubby Jeff joined in and lost 30 lbs. The lower image is after a year and over 80 lbs of fat gone for good! Says Marylee, “The Keto lifestyle is very doable with Judy as the ‘go to’ coach when we need some help.”