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  • Certified Type II Diabetes Prevention
  • Certified Mat Pilates since 2002
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Keto Course begins Monday November 2, 7:30 pm eastern.

Studio Pilates is Back!

Please follow safety protocol.

Please call to reserve your space.

Monday 6:30 Beginner/Gentle

Tuesday, Thursday, 6:30 pm Live on YouTube

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 9:00 am

Ten Classes: $120, One Class: $20

Despite what you’ve heard, there is no cookie cutter approach to the ketogenic diet. Your body’s unique condition requires a specific plan. I’ve trained hundreds of people to lose weight and begin healing their metabolism through Keto. We all can do this, but each person needs a taylored strategy for best results. Just one meeting may be enough for you to break that stall, feel 100 times better, or get past the point of giving up and begin thriving on Keto like so many I’ve coached. Online chat groups can be dangerous. Who knows where they’re all getting their information? You need a certified well-researched experienced Keto trainer you can trust.

I began Keto March 1, 2017. Though I eventually fell in love with this lifestyle, I made a lot of mistakes that weren’t necessary. Keto is hard! That’s why so many people give up and never reap it’s many benefits. They stay on the fast train to higher risk of diabetes, cancer, and other lifestyle diseases. I’m constantly researching and keeping up with the latest science to help my clients make healthy long term changes, that can take their health to levels they never thought possible.  All this with the least discomfort. Let me help you lock into easy patterns using Keto and or Pilates classes to lose weight and build muscle, right here in the Metro Detroit community of Plymouth Canton in Southeastern Michigan. Schedule a free call to meet with me and find out if Keto can work with your specific goals and lifestyle.

Marylee joined my Weight Loss for Good program in October 2019. To date she’s lost 60 lbs. At 4’11” that’s a large part of her body mass! And oh yes, her hubby Jeff joined in and lost 30 lbs. Says Marylee, “The Keto lifestyle is very doable with Judy as the ‘go to’ coach when we need some help.”